Marvels and Catastrophes - Planetary Almanac | Didattica adulti

directed by Peter Lang


Almanacs have been around for a very long time advising farmers and crafts people on events that will happen in the near future. Almanacs feature annual calendars, future weather predictions, celestial maps, but also list appropriate social events, different kinds of creative activities, considerations for personal care, and suggested types of public engagements. The Planetary Almanac focuses on the coming year 2022 and will gather together ideas and projects to publish as a compendium.

Each participant is asked to develop an individual project that anticipates near-future events and that address a broader public. The project will bring together conceptual visual arts and design practices dealing with our rapidly changing climate, natural and manmade disasters, mass migrations, social media, as well as imagining entirely fictional outcomes. Individual projects can be created in a variety of mediums, including the multi-medial arts, design, architecture, urban culture and performance arts.

Session 1: Mindwork. Definitions in critical thinking (classroom)
Session 2: Handwork. Material culture today (workshop)
Session 3: Fieldwork. The state of things, what one can learn from walking (walk)
Session 4: Critical Participation. Presentation of individual projects (classroom)
Session 5: Documentation. Brainstorming on a collective public project. (public session)

Each Session will deal with a specific theme and will provide participants with support resources. Each participant is encouraged to develop a personal project with the assistance of the instructor.

Peter Lang
A native New Yorker, he now resides in Rome. He is former Professor in Architectural Theory and History at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. He holds a professional degree in architecture and a PhD in urban studies and Italian history. This year, Lang is completing a curatorial project for the Italian National archive for photography, (ICCD) and the Italian National Archive for Sound and Audio-visual Heritage (MiBACT) on Dante, a multimedia exhibition funded by the Dante 2021 National Committee. He has curated numerous major exhibitions on the Italian Radical design and architecture movement. In 2016 Lang founded R-lab, a public platform for critical research and creative practice. In 2018 he launched the initiative Marvels and Catastrophes, that works to understand and engage in the contemporary culture of disaster: the program opened at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial. M&C is currently involved in the upcoming Symbiosis exhibition at the Färgfabriken Konsthall in Stockholm to open in the Fall of 2021.

Marvels and Catastrophes is an experimental platform developed for R-Lab that I initiated at the Royal Institute of Arts Stockholm in 2018. The platform is concerned with the evolving culture of disaster. Marvels and Catastrophes brings together individuals from different backgrounds and professional interests, in the visual arts, design, architecture, urban culture and curatorial studies to promote an open discursive environment in which to reflect on the future. The goal is to go public, to engage the broader community with critical concepts, performative actions and creative prototypes that mediate between the familiar and the unknown.

Date: 5 sessions from Monday November 8th
Time: 18.00 – 19.30
Language: English, Italian optional
Location: Fondazione smART. Zoom remote attendance optional
Economics: €90 per person for 5 sessions